Medimax Group international is a specialized global online consumer equipment and technology dealer. Specializing in beauty anesthetic equipment and selected hospital technologies.

With distributors and partners world wide ,we supply the following countries :
New Zeeland 
United Kingdom
South Africa 

The company's main focus is to bring high end trustworthy result orientated products of the highest quality and standards directly from manufactures to the clients.

We offer low prices, fast shipment and high quality products from manufacturers and suppliers around the globe DIRECT to our clients .By cutting out " the middle man" and extra expenses such as display shops ,and other third parties our clients can be assured we offer them the best value for money quality products.

We want to be known as the obvious choice when it comes to selecting your new equipment and technologies.

All suppliers and manufacturers is extremely carefully screened, investigated and chosen.

One of our companies’ main resources is extended to the investigation of international suppliers and their selection criteria. In this framework, our supplier evaluation is of the highest grade and we only approve suppliers and manufacturers that pass certification on both product and on sights inspections. And by quality quantitative assessment.

Other requirements for manufactures and suppliers include but are not limited to registration of establishment, listing of devices, manufacturing in accordance with the quality system regulation, medical device reporting of adverse events, etc. The purpose of supplier evaluation is to ensure our portfolio incorporates the best in class suppliers and manufactures available for use globally ,this ensures our clients receive best value for money and that their after sale service is nothing but exceptional.

We passionately believe in keeping our customer's interest on top of everything else

Our mission 
Medimax vision is simple: to become the premier online beauty anesthetic equipment seller and specialized hospital technologies supplier by providing an unparalleled selection of the very best proven technologies and new inventions ,an unbeatable shopping experience, prompt shipping and exceptional customer service that exceeds expectations. For us, the customer is always king. Our total commitment to customers empowers us to work closely together with every customer. When you buy from us, the sale is not complete when we ship your order; it is complete when you are totally satisfied.