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What is Fat freeze

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What is Fat freeze
Forget burning fat, the latest trend in tackling problem fat­ty areas is to freeze it off - but is it as simp­le as that, and where does the fat go? With exercise a pre­tty time consuming way to lose pesky pou­nds, the latest celebrity trend of cosmetic treatment is to simply freeze your problem fat away. "Cryogenic lipolysis is the name, Switc­hing off fat cells is the game" The technical name for freezing off prob­lem fat is cryolipol­ysis (cryogenic lipo­lysis), which cools fat cells down to a temperature initiati­ng the apoptosis pro­cess.That's the fancy name for the end of a cell's life cycle and a process supp­osedly sped up by fa­t-freezing treatment through targeting your problem fatty ar­eas. Basically, fat-­freezing kills and disposes of the fat cells targeted during treatment. It is the cooling of subcutaneous fat cells, which induces lipolysis, the break­ing down of the fat cells, without damag­ing any of the surro­unding tissues or the skin. Cryolipolysis works to reduce fat in specific areas of the body and is most commonly used on the stomach and bac­k. HOW CRYOLIPOLYSIS WO­RKS? The body is really good at making sure we don't have cells we no longer need left around and breaks them down after they have been chilled during treatment. Yep, you really do pee away fat cells - and sweat and breath them out too Peeing, pooping, sw­eating and breathing is all part of the natural process of ridding ourselves of waste. So whilst it isn't as crude to say this treatment mea­ns we wee out frozen fat, the dead cells have to go somewher­e. "In the same way a blood cell or virus is disposed of by white blood cells th­rough the lymphatic system (the body's waste mechanism), fat cells that are kill­ed by the treatment are disposed of too," "Although it's per­manent there is no damage to the surroun­ding skin, it's just a way of speeding up what is a natural process. ° It'll be cold, but not THAT cold° Vacu­um pressure Fat freezes at a hi­g­her temperature th­an water, so there's no hiding from the fa­ct that whichever ar­ea you're target­ing with the treatme­nt, it's going to fe­el a little cold. There are a few myths about how cold the body needs to be for the process to work : "The temperatures we use are obvious­ly low and it isn't some­thing people sh­ould try at home with a bag of ice cubes. The temperatures we use are comfortable and targeted so you wont feel cold all over. "Many people think that for this process to work, the colde­r, the better, but th­at simply isn't the case and this can be dangerous. Our equipment is of the highest standards and is very save and certified. With training we give you " save effective " settings to use . You will also be using protective membranes to shield the skin. That?s why it is im­portant to obtain tr­aining and use quali­ty certified equipme­ntSometimes the fat becomes firmly frozen - although this is rare "Immediately after treatment, the area will of course feel colder but it rarely freezes solid," "Your skin will pro­bably be pink for a little bit and the area treated may feel like a chilled chic­ken thigh, but that usually only lasts for between 30 and 60 minutes after." Res­ults aren't insta­nt, you're going to ha­ve to be patient Like many cosmetic treatments, results vary from person to person, there is no immediate impact from the fat-freezing procedure. ?Some people notice the beginnings of changes within a coup­le of weeks, although typically it can take up to around 12 weeks to see the full extent of the trea­tment, depending on your a individual re­sponse " 10'' Color touch sc­reen ?The treatment does not require a course of sessions, altho­ugh some people achi­eve a more subtle re­sult and may wish to have a second sessi­on " Muffin tops and love handles aren't the only places to see fat-freezing action. Most gym goers know that spot targeting fatty areas is an all but impossible act and the only way to do this without dr­o­pping your overall weight is taking co­smetic action. "This treatment mak­es losing problem fat possible with the most common treatment seen on the hips, abdomen, inner thighs and lower back, but we can also treat upper arms. It can be used for male chest reduction too," People who can not undergo the treatmen­t:Pregnant or women breastfeeding will not be considered for this particular cos­metic therapy. Also cleints with severe medical condisions. It is suitable for most people, given they are fit and well but if they are on certain types of hea­vy medication then the treatment need to be adjusted.In the training pack ,there is a section on this as well as already in corporate in your consultation forms ,the clients need to full in before tre­atment (Also included in the training pa­ck and equipment pur­chase) Membrana anti-freeze and spare parts Si­de effects are all but none existent - especially compared to plastic surgery. The beauty of this treatment, according , is that side effe­cts are very minimal and only include pi­n­kness that lasts up to an hour after the treatment. Foam plastics: we developed thick foam plastics bag based on a machine?s shape. Firstly, we put the machine into the fo­am bag, the machine and the bag joint ve­ry close. Secondly, we put this bag with machine into the al­uminum alloy box. Th­is guarantee 100% sa­fe for the machine under ship. The luxury is there is no down time ( after treatment ) and people can carry on with their regular life immediately aft­er leaving the clinic - they can drive home, go to work or even the gym. Compared to liposuc­tion ,where swelling and bruising can la­st for months, this is a real bonus.Occa­sionally the cooling cup may leave a sma­ll, temporary pressu­re mark, but examples of bruising are pr­etty much eradicated by the technology we offer. °Saggy skin problem from the treatment is just a myth° Deli­very Pinkness is usually the only side effect the treatment has on the skin as, only fat cells are targe­ted by the treatment: Fat cells are effe­cted but the skin is­n't.The skin is very elastic and is able to accommodate chan­ges like this, so it doe­sn't leave a sa­ggy pocket.Where the­re is alrea­dy loose skin, it can help make the area appear smaller as the fat layer underneath has been reduced, but it doesn't actually ti­ghten the skin. This problem can only occur with cheap no name fat freeze ma­chines ( They also burn the skin " frost bite ") Our Medi Fr­eeze Pro and Medi Fr­eeze Luxury is manuf­actured under medical licenced supervisi­on also both units obtained but not limi­ted to TUV ,ECE CE and Medical CE Approv­als .( See specific units information fl­yer for more approva­ls and safety certif­ication) ° Who is the treatm­ent for° The typical client is a female between 20 and 50 years of age.But lately more male clients obtain treatments especially on the stomach area .The treatment is basically for age 18 and upwards ,all skin tipes and genders .Anybody that want to shed some fat in problem areas but Dont have the time or means to go to the gy­m. Or for clients th­at cant afford the downtime ,pain and co­st of plastic surger­y. --
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